We invest in modern champions on all stock exchanges around the world


    Impulse Capital engages in investments in technology start-ups and algorithmic as well as long-term stock trading, building on more than 20 years of experience.

    We are great at algorithmic computer trading with AI elements

    Through Impulse Capital we helped and successfully exited a number of major CEE and global firms including, or with a combined valuation exceeding €650 million. Our current portfolio of venture investments includes Shoptet, Safetica, Dataddo and Poland’s Audioteka. Impulse Ventures is oriented on the Seed and Series A stages of funding. Coober Capital is the company’s vehicle for algorithmic trading. The trading volume in 2020 reached $6 billion and is expected to double in 2021. As part of its long-term investment initiatives, Impulse Capital is active on stock exchanges in Asia, Europe and the US, pursuing a strategy built on a 10-year investment horizon. In the upcoming decade, Impulse Capital will seek new IPO and post-IPO opportunities with a particular focus on new technology firms, fintech projects, as well as projects combining technology and environmental awareness.